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Employment at NATO Headquarters

NATO Internship Programme

Selection Process
NATO Internship Programme 2017

Dear candidates,

Do you study Political Science, International Relations, Defence studies or Security studies?

Are you an interdisciplinary candidate with qualifications in Economics, Finance, or Human Resources?

Have you studied Information Technology, Web or Graphic design, Library Sciences or Translation?

Do you study Aeronautics or Engineering?

Do you have a background in Media or Journalism?

Do you speak Russian, Ukrainian or Arabic?

Are you able to conduct independent research and analysis?

NATO needs your skills !

There are two types of Internship opportunities at the Alliance: the NATO-Funded and the GRANT-funded Internship Programme.

The NATO-funded Internship Programme gives opportunity to a wide range of candidates, while the other opportunity is open for those, whose work is supported from outside sources. And while Candidates interested in a GRANT-funded opportunity can apply throughout the year, the call for the NATO-funded opportunity is open only once per year in Spring with two starting dates, in March and in September the following year. Internships will last 6 months.

The call for applications for NATO Internship Programme for the Spring/Fall 2017 intake closed on 11th April 2016. This year we have received approximately 3,500 eligible applications and would like to thank you all for your interest in completing an internship at NATO !

Before contacting our Internship Office, we invite all the applicants to check first their status’ update by login into their online account. https://nato-interns.tal.net/lang-en-GB/candidate

All the shortlisted candidates have been notified through the online platform. Please note that for some sections, the final selection is undergoing. Our Office will contact the last selected candidates by October 2016 at the latest. The shortlisted but non-selected candidates will be notified by October 2016 through their online account.

All the candidates who have not been shortlisted were notified on 23 August 2016 via the online platform.

Please refer to our website for more information on the selection timeline: http://www.nato.int/cps/en/natolive/72041.htm

Candidates wishing to apply for a GRANT Funded can submit their application only through the online portal available under "Application".

NATO Headquarters (HQ) introduced its Internship Programme in 2004. The aim of the programme is to provide a small number of current or recent students with the opportunity to intern with the International Staff at NATO Headquarters in Brussels and in a few other NATO bodies.