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3 Feb. 2017

NATO Secretary General: KFOR helping make Kosovo a safer place

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg reaffirmed NATO’s commitment to the security and stability of Kosovo during a visit to Pristina on Friday (3 February 2017). Meeting with KFOR Commander, Major General Giovanni Fungo, the Secretary General underscored the importance of NATO’s mission in Kosovo and the need for continued dialogue and normalisation between Belgrade and Pristina. He thanked KFOR troops from many Allied and partner countries for their service, describing KFOR as a success story.

2 Feb. 2017

NATO launches new Trust Fund for Montenegro

NATO launched a new Trust Fund in Montenegro on Thursday (2 February 2017) which will destroy 400 tonnes of surplus ammunition in a safe and environmentally friendly way. This is the latest example of NATO cooperation with Montenegro and will help keep people safe from harm.

2 Feb. 2017

Secretary General: NATO is committed to peace and stability in the Western Balkans

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg commended Bosnia and Herzegovina for its contributions to Euro-Atlantic security during a visit to Sarajevo on Thursday (2 February 2017). Meeting with Mladen Ivanić, Chairman of the Tripartite Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the other members of Presidency, the Secretary General welcomed Bosnia’s reforms in the defence and security sector. He also welcomed the adoption of the Defence Review and the implementation plan as signs of "real progress and real commitment." Mr. Stoltenberg stressed that NATO stands ready to activate the Membership Action Plan once all immovable defence properties have been registered to the state.

31 Jan. 2017

NATO Secretary General: Bulgaria is a valued Ally

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg welcomed Bulgarian President Rumen Radev to NATO Headquarters on Tuesday (31 January 2017). Mr. Stoltenberg praised Bulgaria’s contributions to the Alliance – including troop commitments in Kosovo and Afghanistan, and providing ships to NATO patrols in the Black Sea. He noted that plans for an enhanced NATO presence in the Black Sea region will be finalised at February’s meeting of defence ministers, calling this “a strong sign of NATO solidarity”.

30 Jan. 2017

NATO Charity Bazaar hands over funds to charities

On 30 January 2017, the funds from the 49th annual NATO Charity Bazaar (NCB) were presented to 20 international charities, 6 Belgian charities, and one emergency request in Haiti. At the ceremony, the charities spoke about their projects, which included machines for pediatric cancer patients, water sanitation projects, and facilities for abused children. The projects from these charities will be completed by December 2017 and will improve the lives of thousands of people across the world.

26 Jan. 2017

Secretary General: NATO membership will strengthen Montenegro’s sovereignty

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg praised Montenegro’s contributions to NATO on Thursday (26 January 2017), during a joint press conference with Prime Minister Duško Marković. He stressed that “NATO membership will strengthen Montenegro’s sovereignty,” and send a clear signal of stability and security in the Western Balkans.

25 Jan. 2017

New NFIU proves NATO continues to be relevant and adaptive

Lieutenant General Steven Shepro, Deputy Chairman of the NATO Military Committee attended the Opening Ceremony for the Slovakian NATO Force Integration Unit (NFIU) on 24 Jan 17 in Bratislava, Slovakia. General Shepro provided an opening statement alongside the Slovak Minister of Defence, Peter Gajdoš, Ambassador Tacan Ildem, NATO Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy and Commander of NATO’s Joint Force Command Brunssum, General Salvatore Farina.

24 Jan. 2017

Secretary General: NATO has a new home in the Gulf region

In a keynote speech on Tuesday (24 January 2017), NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg marked the opening of the NATO Istanbul Cooperation Initiative (ICI) Regional Centre in Kuwait. As the Alliance’s first presence in the Gulf region, the NATO-ICI Regional Centre will be a vital hub for NATO’s practical cooperation with Kuwait and other Gulf partners, as well as Saudi Arabia and Oman.

24 Jan. 2017

NATO marks closer ties with Gulf partners, opens new centre in Kuwait

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg led the North Atlantic Council in celebrating the opening of the NATO-Istanbul Cooperation Initiative (ICI) Regional Centre on Tuesday (24 January 2017). During an inauguration ceremony in Kuwait, the Secretary General highlighted the Centre’s potential in strengthening the partnership between NATO and Gulf partners, including in the important fight against terrorism.

24 Jan. 2017

NATO deepens cooperation with Kuwait and Gulf partners

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg welcomed closer cooperation between the Alliance, Kuwait and other Gulf partners on Tuesday (24 January 2017). During a joint press conference with First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Sabah, the Secretary General praised Kuwait’s efforts to build greater security and stability in the Gulf region.

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